We work on an APPOINTMENT basis only.  The volume and pace of consignments is such that we cannot accommodate walk-ins.  Appointments fill up quickly, so book well in advance. 

1. Are the pieces you wish to consign small household items? (If not, go to step  2)

a. If they are small (home decor, art, mirrors, etc), schedule an appointment by clicking here. You can consign a maximum of 10 items at one time. We accept appointments Monday-Friday and the 3rd Saturday of each month in scheduled blocks. To help expedite the process, please bring in your completed consignment agreement (click here), that includes a detailed list of the items that you wish to consign. All items must be clean and in good condition; silver must be polished, old price tags removed, sticky residue from tags removed, upholstery and rugs cleaned. Items that we cannot price at our minimum of $25 will be declined.

b. For large items (furniture), move to the next step.

2. If items are large, take photos and email our team

a. You will need pre-approval from our consignment manager BEFORE you can bring in large pieces. Make sure you take a photo in good light, and be honest about any damage or imperfections. It is imperative that furniture be in near-excellent condition and in keeping with today’s sales trends.

b. Send an email to with your name, the best phone number to contact you and your mailing address. List in the email the pieces you wish to consign and include your photos as JPG attachments; we cannot open HEIC files. Please label the attachments with the name of the piece. We receive a large volume of consignment requests so we cannot always respond to your request immediately, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

3. Schedule your appointment

a. Once you have approval regarding your large pieces, reply to the email and schedule your appointment to bring them in. All of your items must be clean, free of dust, in good working condition and fully assembled. Please allow 48 hours notice before delivery.

b. We accept large items/furniture drop offs Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 4pm only. No weekend drop offs. 

4. Your appointment

a. Be sure to arrive on time; our schedule is quite busy, and to make sure you have the best experience, we’d like to spend your allotted time with you.

b. When you leave Evolution Home you will receive a copy of the agreement. Once your items are processed, you will receive an inventory report by email listing your items, their prices, and their expiration date.

c. It is VERY important to remember your contract's expiration dateOnce your contract expires, your item(s) become the property of Evolution Home. The onus to remember the pick up date and retrieve items is on the consignor, not Evolution Home.  

5. Sale & Pick-Up

a. Please see the consignment agreement for information regarding the discount schedule of your items. Checks will be mailed the month FOLLOWING the end of your 90 day contract. For example, if your contract ends in June, your check will be sent in July.

b. Mark your pick-up date on your calendar as a reminder. We do not call when your items sell, but you can check your account online. Consignors wishing to pick up their unsold items must bring their own packing supplies and give 48 hours notice prior to pickup.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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