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On average, we process 125-200 items per week! Check back often and if you see something you LOVE, don't assume it will still be available the next time you visit the store or website. Inventory turns over incredibly fast!

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where every day is a NEW day

Our homes are constantly evolving. Small apartments, first-time homes, forever homes, homes with kids, homes with dogs, empty nests and retirement dream homes – as we move through each stage of life, our styles, tastes and budgets change.

Evolution Home has one goal, to be with you through each change. We are committed to providing quality antique, vintage, modern and consignment home furnishings and accessories.

With more than 200 active consignors...

our inventory is always changing. And--just like our consignors--the items they bring in are unique and interesting!

In addition to our consignors, we have more than 25 dealers that stock and maintain their spaces at Evolution Home. You will find treasures in their spaces that you won't find in consignments--extensive collections of vintage jewelry, a deep dive into Asian antiques, an eclectic mix of period pieces--and the list goes on!

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    We offer home furnishings and accessories from over 25 individual dealers and more than 200 active consignors. You will find every style of antique and vintage item from primitive to MCM.

    Every day is a NEW day at Evolution Home!


    "Our kids don't want this stuff"

    "We are downsizing"

    "I'm embarrassed to tell you how much I spend each month for our storage unit"

    We hear some version of this every day! If you are ready to lighten your load and want to make some money, we can help! We will process your items, list them on our website, merchandise them on our floor and 're-home' them for you. When all is said and done, the only thing weighing you down will be the money in your pockets!


    Join us for events throughout the year that serve to educate and build community. With more than 25 dealers, enthusiastic retail and consignment team members and more than 200 active consignors, our community is vibrant and engaging!

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