Get Organized and Enjoy Your Home: How to Minimize, Organize, and Prioritize

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Are you thinking about downsizing to a smaller living space but don’t know where to start? A study by the University of Connecticut found that by removing or controlling clutter, we can directly reduce the stress that stems from the disorganization. This, in turn, can help us feel happier and less anxious. Working with a professional organizer or consigning furniture and home decor are both great ways to get organized at home.

Working with a Professional Organizer

Don’t know here to start? Working with a professional organizer can help you successfully reclaim your living space. Professional organizers can also help you determine what you will need (or not need) as you downsize to a smaller living space or redecorate an existing one. Finally, professional organizers can help you navigate the final phase of donating or consigning items that you no longer want or need.

In September 2023, Evolution Home hosted Kate Boles of Karma Kloset Home Organizers, who talked about how she works with everyone from young parents with growing families, families gearing up for a home renovation, and seniors looking to downsize. She offers clients a judgement free zone, serves as an objective third party, and tailors her organization solutions for each client so that they can stay organized. 

Kate feels that a home should be “a living space not a storage space.” Her goal is to create organization systems, habits, and schedules that work for everyone in the home. No space is too big or too small for Kate’s expert advice and insight. Her home organizing experience includes tackling pantries, closets, garages, and play rooms. These projects start with decluttering, categorizing, containing, and organizing the space. If a client needs help in the weeks, months, or years following a home organization session, they can schedule a maintenance checkup with Kate. 

Kate takes a green approach to home organizing. She recommends holding off on purchasing big plastic storage bins until she has worked with a client to assess the situation. For example, you may already have containers at home that can be repurposed for organizing. With landfills already bursting at the seams, Kate encourages donating to area non-profits and/or working with businesses like Evolution Home to consign furniture and other home décor.

Consigning at Evolution Home

The Consignment Team at Evolution Home works with 200 active consignors and processes 125-200 items each week. Consignment plays an important role in the circular economy. Evolution Home specializes in creating a retail environment - both in-store and online - showcasing items that our consignors no longer need and that our customers want. Everything from gently used antique, vintage, and contemporary furniture to seasonal and everyday décor has a market at Evolution Home.

At the forefront of sustainable retail for close to 25 years, we set the standard for reducing, reusing, and recycling vintage furniture and home décor. As our customers’ homes and needs have evolved, so have we. Learn more about the consignment process at our store. 

About Kate Boles of Karma Kloset Home Organizers

Kate has a life-long passion for organizing - a skill that has served her well through 12 moves so far. In 2021, she started Karma Kloset Home Organizers in response to people’s desire to find a sense greater sense of peace at home - a place they were spending an increasing amount of time. She combined her natural affinity for prioritizing, minimizing, and organizing with her six years of experience as the furniture and home décor consignment manager at Evolution Home. Kate is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing, and the local DC Chapter.

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