We Are Now A Casart Coverings Retailer | Evolution Home Consignment & Antiques


Sep 19, 2014 0 Comments


We are SO excited to announce that we are now officially a Casart Coverings retailer! You can purchase these amazing wall coverings from our store. This is a brand new endeavor for us – so stay tuned for lots of exciting information, ideas and more. Our staff is currently being trained in how to apply these wall coverings as well as how to help customers order them. For now, we want to share some information about this amazing company!

About Casart Coverings:

Without sacrificing the hand-painted quality of elegant wall finishes, Casart offers an innovative solution with the long-term value of reuse as seasons, needs or design desires change. Mess, time and commitment are minimized with the flexibility to install, reposition and remove the wallcovering without damaging walls. Each wallcovering is “print to order” and all of our items can be customized to suit your needs.

All Casart designs and finishes have been originally hand-painted by C. Ashley Spencer, a professional decorative artist and illustrator with over 20 years experience as a decorative painter and a member of the International Decorative Artisan’s League. Each decorative finish can be matched to Benjamin Moore or other paint colors through Pantone print inks. Murals can also be customized to the purchaser’s size requirements and décor. Custom commissioned finishes and murals as well as photography are also available. We encourage you to create your designs by combining our finishes with our figurative designs to offer way more possibilities.

  • Highest grade wallcoverings available at affordable luxury prices
  • Professional artist designed & hand-painted
  • No wallpaper paste or mess
  • Each wallcovering is print to order with the latest digital print technology
  • Stable ink that doesn’t scratch when rubbed
  • Mildew resistant, fire-retardant, commercial grade, 20 oz, 18 ml thick
  • Recyclable, durable vinyl with poly-cotton back that is easy to clean
  • Wallcoverings are backed with a water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Comes in 3 different roll sizes at 52” wide and other standard sizes
  • Easy, convenient, seasonal, or whenever-you-wish décor change
  • DIY – No extra labor or installation cost needed
  • Stays where needed when installing and can be easily positioned
  • Over 100 different designs updated seasonally, and over 6,000 varieties in stock with custom design and color options
  • Look, touch and feel of wall texture and unlike contact paper
  • Will not fall off your wall due to change in weather conditions
  • Doesn’t warp or stretch when being removed
  • 100 % made in the USA

For more information about Casart Coverings, visit our store! Also, stay tuned for more from Evolution Home about how to use Casart in your home!