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6 Spring Decor Trends


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It feels like we have been talking about our desire for Spring this year for so long here on this blog. Every week we hold on to the hope that it will show up with a little extra sunshine, an above 65 degree day – something! Anything! This winter sure has been a rough one and with more snow forecasted for this weekend, it doesn’t feel like it is moving anywhere anytime soon.

But – what is moving forward are the fab spring trends in home decor. Personally, we are ready to rip apart our houses and get to our spring cleaning – so we can refresh our spaces with some of the loveliest finds this spring has to offer. We always try to watch out for trends that are too “trendy”. We tend to stay away from a style or look that feels more fleeting than timeless. So, we compiled a list of six of our favorite home decor trends for spring that we think have staying power – or will look lovely in your home for seasons and years to come.

Here are our six favorite trends in home decor this season – in the photos below, our inventory is pictured on the LEFT and the photo on the right is a trend example from Pinterest.

1. Brightly Colored Upholstered Furniture
From leather to prints, bright is right. We love fearless home decor risk-takers that are willing to add a splash of color to a room with an unexpected bright, bold color. See our inventory on the left available in the shop, and our inspiration on the right.

2. Floral Prints
Le sigh…we love a floral print. On a piece of china, upholstery, drapes – you name it. Done right it brings a light and airy femininity to a space and is always oh-so-lovely.floraltrend

3. Painted Furniture
Now, we know we may turn some of you off with this one BUT hear us out. Painting furniture is a fabulous way to give it a fresh life – especially when it is damaged beyond repair or seriously dated. We aren’t running to paint our favorite antique pieces, but we love using a nice painted piece to add some life to a space.

4. Vintage Barware
Get ready to sip your way through spring. Vintage barware is back and being used everywhere from cocktail parties to weddings. With spring gardens being planted & farmer’s markets firing back up – this means fresh produce for cocktail recipes! Cheers!

5. Milk Glass
Ah milk glass, how we love thee. Milk glass made its big resurgence a few years ago and the trend has definitely stuck around. We think because it is a modern, white look – that is always looks good in decor and can be used in a multitude of ways. We love the idea of using old milk glass pieces as herb planters – puts a fun modern twist on it!

6. Modern Farmhouse 
Mixing farmhouse, primitive or rustic pieces with modern elements and furniture is a trend that is here to stay. The contrast offers an interesting space while the farmhouse tables keeps it warm and the sleek chairs keep it modern. We love the look.

We hope these six trends tickled your fancy as much as ours. We enjoyed sharing them with you! Find the pieces pictured above in the shop this weekend – plus lots more!

Thinking Spring: Looks + Ideas


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springevo1We are ready for spring! It has been a long, cold, snowy winter and we cannot help but start dreaming of spring. Especially with the warmer weather we have been experiencing the past couple of days! It is a welcome treat, for sure!

Naturally thoughts of spring get us thinking about how to decorate our homes for the season. Spring is a great time to bring in pops of color, fresh blooms, new furniture, lighter drapes & curtains – there are so many ideas. We’ll list a few for you below and be sure to check out our Pinterest board for lots more ideas!

Pops of Color
Bright pillows, new drapes – this is the time of year to add some fresh colors to your home. Yellows, greens, pinks, purples, blues – all colors the colors of the season and they look fabulous. Especially when the trees start to blossom again, throw the windows open and let the season brighten up your home. Vintage glassware like the ones pictured above are a great way to add color to a room, line them up along a mantel or window.

Decorate with Blooms
We have to wait a little longer before nature begins to give us a colorful show of blossoms & blooms – but artificial ones can do the trick for now. Let’s say you add a bright yellow pillow or throw to your sofa – make a big impact by sticking some yellow daffodils in a pretty glass vase on your coffee table – the coordinating hues will bring a lovely dynamic to your room. The turquoise vase pictured above would look lovely with a bloom in it, and the peacock tray could really tie the look together.

Rustic & Shabby Looks
Something about spring seems so right for the shabbier & rustic pieces. A chippy-paint door with chalkboard paint seems so fitting for the season. Find one in our store this week!

Modern & Clean Lines
You know we are fans of mixing textures and styles – layering shabby pieces with clean modern pieces makes a room look interesting. Try a mid century modern chair at a vintage desk with chippy paint, the two styles coordinate quite well.

Check out our Pinterest board for more great spring decor ideas! As always, we love to see our decor in action in your home – share a photo of your favorite spot in your home with us,!