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On Trend: Mixing Metals


Jan 10, 2014 , , , , 0 Comments


Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold and copper and bronze and brass! Mixing metals is a hot trend in home decor right now. Above are several great examples of mixing metal furniture and accessories we found on Pinterest. Switching out a few small accessories can make a big impact – but you can also make a state mixing larger pieces, like metal chairs and a wood dining table.

We love the idea of gold and brass frames mixed with small silver accessories for a little change. Or a chic gold vase inside an industrial steel basket. Mixing metals keeps things interesting!

Mixing metals adds a richness to your interior. We love that the “matchy-matchy” trends of yore are out the window. It is so much more exciting to see many different textures and layers in home decor. Metals can also be mixed with other non-metal accessories – like wood and linen. For example, metal dining chairs and a wood dining table or a rich wood dresser with a gold mirror, a silver tray and copper candlesticks.

We hope you are feeling inspired to try something new with your home decor. Shop Evolution Home for great deals on chic pieces! Check even more inspiring ideas on our Pinterest board!