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2015: Timeless Trends


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With the beginning of a new year, we like to look forward and share our favorite home decor trends for that year. But, we try to approach it from a different angle, sharing trends that we feel are timeless. While there is a bit of irony in the words “timeless” and “trends” being used in the same sentence, we feel that trends can become timeless.

So, without further ado, here are our favorite trends for 2015 – that you can safely incorporate into your home decor trusting they won’t be out of style next year.

1. Mod Chairs + Old Farm Tables
What makes this trend timeless if the use of chic, well-made, most often hand crafted farm tables. Having been around since the first pilgrims made their way to this great country, this style isn’t going anywhere. Mixing mod chairs with worn farm tables updates the look and gives it a fresh, 2015 take on tradition.

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2. Statement Light Fixtures
Less of a trend, more a resurgence, statement light fixtures are in. Especially in rooms that you may not typically put a statement light fixture in – say bathrooms and offices? We love it. Timeless. On trend. And the perfect excuse to use vintage pieces!

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3. Four Poster Beds
The drama of these super stylish beds is back – and better than ever. We love the rich look of wood four poster beds, but also really enjoy the non-traditional – like birch branches.

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4. Driftwood & Raw Wood Furniture & Finishes
Whether its fireplace mantles or dining tables, raw wood & driftwood pieces offer a versatile richness that 2015 is loving. It also adds a timeless, organic feeling to any room. Thumbs up from Evolution Home for this trend!

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5. Pantone’s Color of the Year – Marsala
Oh boy, how much do we love this color? Let us count the ways. Firstly, its easy to find in many vintage pieces – making it super easy to mix-n-match old and new AND its got a timeless elegance to it. Bold, but not in your face. Here is an antique inspiration for you.


If you follow any of these trends this year, email us photos to!

Rustic + Glam Inspirations


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We love contrasting combinations that work well together. Like the combination of rustic and glam elements – for example a farm table paired with a stunning chandelier. Or vintage crate full of magazines placed next to a glamorous armchair. Here are a few of our favorite inspiration images that best illustrate this lovely combination!

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All images are from Pinterest.

7 Easter Table Centerpiece Ideas


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1. Teapots & Daffodils
This fresh idea is simple and striking. A white teapot creates a lovely contrast but a china teapot would look equally as sweet.

2. Teacups & Tulips
For a simple centerpiece, pick up some fresh tulips and place them in several different teacups. For a little drama, place them at different levels.
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3. Big Sprigs
Placing large branches like forsythia or cherry blossom branches (perfect for DC!) in a larger vessel like a vintage pitcher creates height. Great for larger tables, or if you want your centerpiece to reach up and not out to make room for dishes.

4. Bottles & Buds
Show off spring blooms from your garden with in small glass bottles. We have loads of them at Evolution Home, mostly vintage! Line the bottles up down the center of the table for a beautiful centerpiece. We love how these are stacked on top of a wood plank with fresh fruit.

5. A Twist on Tradition
Flip assorted glassware upside and place a tea light on the base for a twist on a centerpiece. Place blooms underneath the glass for an extra punch of color.

6. Eggspecially Beautiful
(Sorry, we had to.) Add eggs to your floral centerpiece to celebrate the season. You can hollow them out by piercing a small hole in the shell and blowing out the yolk.

7. Egg Crate Planters
This is just a darling little idea! Crack the top off of eggshells, plant a small pansy and place them in the old egg crate with other natural elements, you can even have your guests take the egg planters home as a parting gift. b181f43d0a60cafe43c4bad7a43efd07


For more fabulous Easter table centerpiece ideas, check out our Pinterest board! Also, stay tuned to the blog for table setting ideas later this week!

3 Items + Inspiration: Vintage Gardens


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Happy Spring! While this weekend’s forecast calls for rainy days, we are sharing ideas for bringing vintage elements into your garden this week. In our items + inspirations posts, we share three or more items from our shop plus inspirations for how to use them. This week, its all about gardens – specifically re-using vintage pieces in gardens. You can read our previous post about 7 inspirations for vintage garden decor here.

1. Vintage Window Planters
Use an old vintage window as a wall planter – hang it on a fence or use it as a divider in your garden. Wall planters are great for herbs and succulents!

2. Fencing Salvage Upcycled
Upcycle old fencing salvage but turning it into a lovely wall hanging planter, like the one pictured below. It adds character to a rustic garden space.

3. Shutters as Plant Displays
Lean an old shutter against your home or fence & mount lightweight pots on it for a stylish & unique plant display.

Do you use vintage elements in your garden? Share them with us on our Facebook page! For more great garden and home decor ideas, visit our Pinterest page!

5 Inspirations for Vintage Office Spaces


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This week, its all about the office on the blog! Many of us have a home office that we use frequently – a big desk, a comfy chair, piles and piles of papers and maybe a few empty coffee cups. Is this a familiar scene to you? Today we are sharing a few inspirations for home office decor in several different styles. Hopefully it will inspire you to create a space to to be productive in!

1. The Traditional Office
With the classic bookshelves, armchairs and elegant color choices – this office space is very traditional. The fabric choices on the chairs keep it light, fresh and modern.


2. The Mad Men Mid Mod Office
Mid century modern furniture and accessories are  undeniably chic. While this office may be a little heavy on the wood, we loved how many options it showcases – from desks to chairs to clocks and shelving there are many ways to work a little Mad Men style into your office.


3. The Shabby Chic Office
The farmhouse floors and vintage chair add charm to this space. With the modern desk and fresh blooms – this office is the perfect mix of shabby and chic. We also love the shadow-box desk!


4. The Modern + Vintage Office
This modern office features a gallery wall, a statement lighting piece and a nice little mix of vintage and modern furnishings. A nice big desk means plenty of space to get work done. We also love the little pup under the desk!


5. The Masculine Office
This office seems like the perfect place to be productive for men who love mantiques. Dark woods, vintage photographs and industrial elements make this office warm, comfortable and stylish.


That’s it for today! Which one is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook!

6 Spring Decor Trends


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It feels like we have been talking about our desire for Spring this year for so long here on this blog. Every week we hold on to the hope that it will show up with a little extra sunshine, an above 65 degree day – something! Anything! This winter sure has been a rough one and with more snow forecasted for this weekend, it doesn’t feel like it is moving anywhere anytime soon.

But – what is moving forward are the fab spring trends in home decor. Personally, we are ready to rip apart our houses and get to our spring cleaning – so we can refresh our spaces with some of the loveliest finds this spring has to offer. We always try to watch out for trends that are too “trendy”. We tend to stay away from a style or look that feels more fleeting than timeless. So, we compiled a list of six of our favorite home decor trends for spring that we think have staying power – or will look lovely in your home for seasons and years to come.

Here are our six favorite trends in home decor this season – in the photos below, our inventory is pictured on the LEFT and the photo on the right is a trend example from Pinterest.

1. Brightly Colored Upholstered Furniture
From leather to prints, bright is right. We love fearless home decor risk-takers that are willing to add a splash of color to a room with an unexpected bright, bold color. See our inventory on the left available in the shop, and our inspiration on the right.

2. Floral Prints
Le sigh…we love a floral print. On a piece of china, upholstery, drapes – you name it. Done right it brings a light and airy femininity to a space and is always oh-so-lovely.floraltrend

3. Painted Furniture
Now, we know we may turn some of you off with this one BUT hear us out. Painting furniture is a fabulous way to give it a fresh life – especially when it is damaged beyond repair or seriously dated. We aren’t running to paint our favorite antique pieces, but we love using a nice painted piece to add some life to a space.

4. Vintage Barware
Get ready to sip your way through spring. Vintage barware is back and being used everywhere from cocktail parties to weddings. With spring gardens being planted & farmer’s markets firing back up – this means fresh produce for cocktail recipes! Cheers!

5. Milk Glass
Ah milk glass, how we love thee. Milk glass made its big resurgence a few years ago and the trend has definitely stuck around. We think because it is a modern, white look – that is always looks good in decor and can be used in a multitude of ways. We love the idea of using old milk glass pieces as herb planters – puts a fun modern twist on it!

6. Modern Farmhouse 
Mixing farmhouse, primitive or rustic pieces with modern elements and furniture is a trend that is here to stay. The contrast offers an interesting space while the farmhouse tables keeps it warm and the sleek chairs keep it modern. We love the look.

We hope these six trends tickled your fancy as much as ours. We enjoyed sharing them with you! Find the pieces pictured above in the shop this weekend – plus lots more!

Color Story: Furniture + Accessories


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usingcolorSo, this week has been all about color- finding bold, fun and creative ways to use it.

Color adds life to almost an space! Earlier this week we shared creative ideas for using wall color – you can read more about that in this blog post.

Today, we are sharing ideas for colorful furniture and accessories. The photos above are from Pinterest, and gorgeous inspirations for using color – like the green kitchen chairs paired with a white & wood table or the bright yellow sofa.

Below, are photos of items we have in the shop this week! Colorful items to bring a little life to your home, like the fun chevron rug, bright red cabinet or the colorful pillows. Pair those items with a neutral sofa, like the one pictured below, and voila! your home has a bright and bold color story. What’s your color story? Blues? Reds? Bright yellows? Share it with us on our Facebook page!



Inspirations & Ideas: Colorful Walls


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This week on the blog its all about color – how to use it, where to use it, when to use it! Today we are sharing our favorite Pinterest images from each color – just a little inspiration for this snowy day!

Tell us what your favorite colors to use your home are on our Facebook page!

Red – Red can be an intimidating color to use on walls, but these images show us it can be done beautifully. Red is bold, but can still be cozy, warm and not a five-alarm firetruck disaster. Here’s a few fabulous uses of the color red.

Orange – Orange immediately makes us think of mid century modern styles. Maybe because our dealer Acme Mid Century Modern has a fab orange wall in his space, but we think its because it really just goes so well with the minimalist designs. Here’s a few of our favorite orange-walled rooms.

Yellow – Yellow, oh yellow! So bright & sunny! Brings happiness into any space. But can also be calming and warm. We love the spectrum of choices – from mustard to a warm buttery shade – you can pull off so many different looks with a yellow tone. Just a few of our favorite rooms:

Green – Some may think green can look a little dated, but these rooms prove us totally wrong. Emerald, olive, hunter, deep green, dusty green – so many options, so few walls. A deep green can add loads of elegance and drama to a room, here a few of our favorites!

Blue – Forget sadness, these blues are calming & serene – some even bold and dramatic! From cobalt to powder – blues provide a soothing scene for any room from bedrooms to offices.

Purple – Since Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, there is not color trend hotter than purple right now. We love the range of colors we found on Pinterest, dusty and deep, bold and vibrant – every shade under the sun. Check out some of our favorites;

For more wall color inspirations, check out our Pinterest board!

6 Creative Ways to Display Art


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This week has been ALL about ART! From paintings to prints we are simply stocked with it this weekend! Here are just a few great pieces of artwork you will find in the store.

evoartwork_1Now, what to do with all of this newfound artwork? We love hanging artwork on the wall, in an earlier blog post we shared some great templates for getting a gallery wall. But, there are so many other creative ways to display artwork! Here are a few exciting ideas:

1. On a table top. Organize artwork thoughtfully on a tabletop with other accessories like vases with a little greenery, stacked books and a tray with trinkets.

2. On a shelf. Place shelving on an empty wall and display artwork on the shelves. Using shelving makes it easy to switch artwork out often without having to put holes your walls! Put a shelf above your bed and add some drama without using a headboard.

3. On the back of a door. Short on wall space? Hang artwork on the back of a door! This is such a creative way to utilize empty space.

4. On a curtain rod. We love this unique idea for displaying artwork, like using shelving it enables you to hang artwork without put lots of holes in your walls and makes its easy to change out artwork.

5. In a shape. Creating a shape with frames adds lots of drama & something interesting to your space. Create a heart, rectangle, or circle using smaller frames.

5. On a gallery wall. We discussed this in more detail earlier this week, but creating a gallery wall is a fun way to display a mix of art, photographs, empty frames, mirrors – anything really! Organize them in an orderly way or let it be a little random!

We hope you found some great ideas for displaying your artwork – we hope to see you in the shop this weekend!

Inspiration: Wall Art We Love


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This week we are going to spend some time chatting about artwork – how to hang it, what we love, where and how to display it and how to create a wall art piece out of unexpected materials.

Today’s post is all about inspiration! We have started a fab Pinterest board that we will fill over the course of the week with tons of amazing ideas. Click here to see it – pin your ideas and share them with us!

All of the images above we found something unique in that struck a chord with us. We love the mantel with small prints & frames, it builds texture and an impact while creating a truly unique display.

What kind of art do you display in your home? Where do you find inspiration? What is your favorite way to hang art?

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