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How to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year


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Every year, Pantone releases it’s color of the year. This color influences so many creative ideas – furniture design, fashion, paint colors, eyewear – the list is endless.

Today, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite marsala-hued picks from the store and our favorite marsala inspirations from Pinterest, as well as a look back at Pantone’s previous colors of the year.

Let’s get started – first off, here is Pantone’s color of 2015 – marsala.


This warm, wine-inspired shade is versatile and we would say one of the more classic shades chosen in recent years. It is bold, while still maintaining a refined look and feel.

Here are a few of our favorite marsala picks from the shop, all of them are available this week.


This shade of red offers a lot of tones to work with – purples, browns and it blends well with existing decor in many different styles.

Here are a few of our favorite Pinterest-inspired ways to use marsala in your home.

1. Paint a wall! These paint colors are perfect matches to marsala.

2. Use a statement piece! Adding a sofa or larger piece of furniture in a marsala is a great way to use this color.

3. Not ready to commit to a statement piece? Add a splash of the color with accessories!

And, now that we have smothered marsala with all of our love for the color (I’m sure you haven’t seen the end of it) we thought we’d take a moment to review Pantone’s previous colors of the year.


It’s safe to say that Pantone definitely starts trends with their color of the year selection. The emerald color from 2012 is still quite popular in fashion and home decor.

What do you think? Would you use Pantone’s color of the year in your home?

Comment below!

2015: Timeless Trends


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With the beginning of a new year, we like to look forward and share our favorite home decor trends for that year. But, we try to approach it from a different angle, sharing trends that we feel are timeless. While there is a bit of irony in the words “timeless” and “trends” being used in the same sentence, we feel that trends can become timeless.

So, without further ado, here are our favorite trends for 2015 – that you can safely incorporate into your home decor trusting they won’t be out of style next year.

1. Mod Chairs + Old Farm Tables
What makes this trend timeless if the use of chic, well-made, most often hand crafted farm tables. Having been around since the first pilgrims made their way to this great country, this style isn’t going anywhere. Mixing mod chairs with worn farm tables updates the look and gives it a fresh, 2015 take on tradition.

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2. Statement Light Fixtures
Less of a trend, more a resurgence, statement light fixtures are in. Especially in rooms that you may not typically put a statement light fixture in – say bathrooms and offices? We love it. Timeless. On trend. And the perfect excuse to use vintage pieces!

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3. Four Poster Beds
The drama of these super stylish beds is back – and better than ever. We love the rich look of wood four poster beds, but also really enjoy the non-traditional – like birch branches.

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4. Driftwood & Raw Wood Furniture & Finishes
Whether its fireplace mantles or dining tables, raw wood & driftwood pieces offer a versatile richness that 2015 is loving. It also adds a timeless, organic feeling to any room. Thumbs up from Evolution Home for this trend!

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5. Pantone’s Color of the Year – Marsala
Oh boy, how much do we love this color? Let us count the ways. Firstly, its easy to find in many vintage pieces – making it super easy to mix-n-match old and new AND its got a timeless elegance to it. Bold, but not in your face. Here is an antique inspiration for you.


If you follow any of these trends this year, email us photos to!

4 Ways To Use Vintage Silver This Holiday


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It’s the holiday season! And that means decking the halls and hanging the stockings and coming up with fun new ways to incorporate vintage items into your decor.

This week, we decided to come up with some fun new ways to use one of the most common vintage items – silver platters and serving pieces. We all have them laying around the house, tucked away in cupboards, never to be used for their intended purpose. Okay – disclaimer: some of us do use them for serving, but for those of us who don’t – this post if for you.

We scoured Pinterest for the best ideas – and oh my did we ever find some clever ones!

1. Repurpose  a vintage silver platter into a holiday sign for hanging! (Note: use vinyl stick-ons if you want something less permanent)

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2. Create a unique holiday wreath with your collection of silver platters. This idea makes the perfect statement piece for a room.
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3. Gather candle votives, small figurines and greens and arrange them on a silver platter – perfect for tabletops and mantles!
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4. Display your holiday greens with your silver pieces! It creates the ultimate chic holiday decor.
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Love what you see? We have LOADS of vintage silver pieces to help you pull off unique holiday decor this year. Come shop with us this weekend – we’re open Fri til 6pm, Sat 10-6 and Sun 11-5!

New Items in the Shop


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We have lots of new items in the shop this week, perfect pieces for sprucing up your home for the holidays and of course gift items for everyone on your list.

Shopping Evolution Home for the holidays this year means shopping local and finding unique gift items. And giving vintage or antique items is a great way to give truly special gifts.

Here are some of the newest items in the shop this week!  Keep scrolling to see it all!

New Items in the Shop

To see more of fab inventory, click here. If you are interested in pricing or placing items on hold, please give us a call at 703-519-1911!


Casart Coverings Giveaway!


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We are excited to announce an awesome giveaway we are holding this month! We have partnered with Casart Coverings to give away one 31″h x 37″ w piece of Casart Coverings Libby Langdon Groovy Gate in Midnight wall coverings. This piece is PERFECT for you DIYers (or DIY curious) to transform a bookshelf back wall, a tabletop or the front of drawers on a dresser!

This is the perfect way to experiment with Casart Coverings and to discover just how much you can do with these awesome wall coverings. Below are just a few fabulous ideas for how to use our giveaway item – Casart Covering’s Groovy Gate in Midnight!


Now, on to the giveaway! To enter the giveaway, simply use the widget below. Your options are to like Evolution Home on Facebook, subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on Twitter. It’s super easy to enter! The winner will be announced on Friday November 21st in our newsletter and on Facebook!
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Pinterest Inspirations for Fall Mantles


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There is nothing we love more than a seasonal mantle (obviously, we talk about them every season here)! They are such a fun way to switch up your home’s decor for the season without taking on a huge project or busting your budget.

It’s also a great reason to pick up those fun vintage elements you are never sure you “need”. Like vintage bottles, windows, salvage pieces – they are all perfect for mantles.

So, without further ado, here are some of our FAVORITE fall mantles from Pinterest. And yes, these are Pinterest photos, but we have many of these items in our shop this weekend! Happy mantle-ing!

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Casart Coverings for Fall (And for all!)


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This week we thought we would share a few of our favorite fall-hued wall coverings from Casart. As you may remember, last week we announced that we are now an official retailer of these revolutionary (perfect for your home’s evolution) wall coverings. We are SO excited.

If you want to learn more about Casart Coverings – read our blog post here!

Here are four of our favorite-for-fall wall coverings from their product line.


Did we mention in our last blog post that some wall coverings are prints (see artichoke above) and can be applied to the wall then framed to look like artwork?

We love the endless possibilities of Casart – style a mid-century modern room, primp a primitive space or add drama to a chic, modern room. You can cover stairwells, furniture, basically anything (maybe not pets…or kids) that needs a little refreshing. Because the adhesive remains on the covering and not on the wall – you can move these coverings around to match your ever-evolving style.

Stay tuned for more blog posts from us about how to use (and why we love) Casart Coverings! Have a happy weekend!

Fall Decor Inspirations


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Yippeee! Fall is arriving! Tis the season for pumpkins, leaves, cool breezes, warm cups of coffee, cozy blankets, flannel and warming up our homes with rich colors and textures.

Do you decorate for fall? Maybe a few little vignettes throughout the house? Or do you make bigger changes – like switching our blankets and pillows? Maybe you are thinking of adding some new furniture this year – we’ve got loads of fall-friendly pieces in the shop this week. Stop in and see us!

For now, we are sharing a few of our favorite fall decorating ideas from Pinterest. To be clear, these images are all from our Pinterest board about fall decorating. Many of the decor ideas we pin are vintage-inspired or include vintage elements, and many of the items featured in those pins you can find in our shop. We’re excited to share them with you – as they help inspire us when selecting inventory and decorating our own homes!

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