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Vintage Vanities!


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vintagevanitiespins vintagevanities_1What’s better than having a dedicated space to get ready for your day?

Vintage vanities are the perfect place to keep your toiletries, jewelry, watches, colognes and cuff links. Sometimes when you think vanity, you think pink perfume bottles and powder puffs, but they can be so much more. Vanities are great for men and women, above we shared a few images of vanities we found on Pinterest in a variety of styles – from mid century modern to shabby chic.

Have a small space? No where to put a vanity? Have no fear – there are many small space vanity ideas – putting one inside a closet or using a smaller table & hanging the mirror on a wall.

Do you use a vanity? Share a photos with us on our Facebook page! We’d love to see it!

We will be open all three days this long weekend – Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-5 and Monday 10-6, so stop in and take advantage of the extra day to shop!


Lamps & Lighting: Fresh Ideas


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lightinglove1 lightingpinterest

Lamps and lighting can totally change the look and feel of a room. Lamps are also an easy and affordable way to switch up the look in your home if you are wanting a change or something different. We always have a wide variety of styles of lamps available at evolution home, from vintage lamps to modern quality crafted lamps.

We also carry chandeliers, wall sconces and floor lamps. Below we discuss several ways to use lamps in decorating and, we also have photos above of lamps in stock at evolution home and inspirations for how to use them that we pulled from Pinterest!

Here are a few fresh ideas for using lamps:

1. Use lamps to coordinate colors. 
Use the base of the lamp or the shade to incorporate a color scheme or give the room a pop of color. In the Pinterest photos pictured above, we like the chartreuse lamp in a brown and earth toned room as a pop of color and the patterned lamp next to the ikat drapes.

2. Switch up shades to freshen your look.
The gray chevron lamp shade looks so fresh on the vintage milk glass lamp pictured above. You can easily switch out the lamp shades on a neutral lamp to switch your look as often as you want.

3. Use glass or mercury glass lamps to keep a space looking open or place a mirror behind the lamp. 
Using a glass or mercury glass lamp in a corner can keep that corner looking open and light instead of heavy. Also, placing mirrors behind lamps reflects light and keeps a room bright.

4. Lamps outside!
Wouldn’t we all love to have a patio or garden spot with lamps? We love bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out!

5. Lamps on a stack of books or mags.
Sometimes lamps need a little height to properly light a room or wall. Artfully stacking books or magazines is a great way to give lamps height while adding layers and texture to your decor.

6. Drape a lampshade for softer light.
Sometimes the light shed from a lamp can be to bright, draping vintage lace, doilies or scarves over the lamp can soften the light and add a nice romantic, cozy look and feel.

Hopefully you find some inspiration in these ideas for incorporating lamps into your home decor. Half the fun of decorating your home is trying new ideas to see how they work – some do, some don’t. And that’s why we are here! As your resource for great finds for your home.

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How To Consign With Us


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At Evolution Home we offer our customers the unique opportunity to not only find great pieces of antique, vintage and modern furniture – but to consign their previously owned pieces as well. Remember that all items submitted for consignment are subject to consideration by our staff and may not be accepted – they know what sells in our store and will be honest with you about whether or not your piece will sell.

How to Consign With Evolution Home

1. Are the pieces you wish to consign large or small?

a. If they are small, give us a call at 703-519-3555 and schedule an appointment to bring them in, you can consign a maximum of 15 items at one time. We accept appointments Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm. To help expedite the process, please bring in your completed consignment agreement, along with a detailed list of the items that you wish you consign.
b. If they are large, move to the next step.

2. Take photos of your items.

a. Make sure you take a photo in good light. Take photos at several different angles and be sure to take photos of any damage, knicks, scrapes, stains, tears, chipping paint or any other “imperfections”.

3. Visit our website and download our consignment agreement.

a. This agreement details our policies and procedures. It also provides a place for you to list the items you wish to consign. We can accept a maximum or 15 items at one time.
b. Fill out the consignment agreement.

4. Email us your photographs.

a. Send us an email at with your name, the best phone number to contact you at and your mailing address. List in the email the pieces you wish to consign and include your photos as attachments.
b. We receive a large volume of consignment requests and we cannot always respond to your request immediately but will get back to you as soon as possible.

5. Schedule your appointment.

a. Once you hear back from us regarding your pieces, schedule your appointment to bring them in. All of your items must be clean and free of dust and in good working condition.
b. We accept appointments Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-5pm.
c. Please bring with your items our completed consignment agreement along with a detailed list of the items you are consigning.

6. Your Appointment.

a. Be sure to arrive on time, our schedule is typically quite busy and in order to make sure you have the best experience, we’d like to spend your allotted time with you.
b. When you leave Evolution Home you will receive a countersigned agreement and once your items are processed into our system (may take up to two weeks due to volume) you will receive a confirmation of all items accepted via US Mail.
c. You will receive a consignor number and all of of your consigned items will receive a stock number, this will be included in your item acceptance confirmation.
d. It is VERY important that you remember your forfeit date, 90 days from the date of processing, your items will become property of Evolution Home if you do not pick them up by then!

7. Sale & Pick-Up

a. Please see the consignment agreement for information regarding the discount schedule of your items.
b. Remember your forfeit date – call to check on your items and if some haven’t sold, we’ll have them ready for you to pick up! Give us 48 hours to gather them together.

We strive to make consigning with us an easy, stress-free process – following our best practices definitely make it easier on you and us! If you have any questions, we are always happy to help – give us a call at 703-519-3555 or 703-519-1911.

Happy Consigning!