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Simple DIY 4th of July Decor


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Hosting a 4th of July gathering? Need some last minute chic decor ideas? We’ve got your solutions. These super simple decor ideas can be put together using items you have around the house or with items available in our shop! We’re open on the 4th from 10am-6pm, so you have time before your gathering to pop in and grab a few last minute supplies.


Going clockwise, here are four super simple but super stylish 4th of July decor ideas!

1. Vintage pitchers with American flags. Want to get the vintage look on your dollar store American flags? Steep 2 cups of Lipton tea, soak flags in tea until they have reached desired color, let dry and voila! Stick the flags in a vintage pitcher and you have a simple & chic decoration.

2. Blue Ball Jars. It doesn’t get more Americana than the blue Ball mason jars. Purchase some red and white blooms and there you have it – a red white and blue centerpiece! Since the jars are so versatile, you’ll have the around to use for tons of other projects!

3. Cobalt Vintage Bottles. These cobalt blue vintage bottles pair perfectly with seasonal red poppies for a pop of patriotic color. Add a small American flag and you have a simple and easy 4th of July decor.

4. Pinwheels in watering cans. This decoration couldn’t be easier! Find red, white and blue pinwheels stick them 2-3 to a watering can and place the watering cans on your porch steps, patio, or in your garden.

What do you decorate with for the 4th of July? Share photos of your decor on our Facebook page!

Coastal Living Inspiration


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Summer is in full swing and coastal living is on our minds. If you own a beach house or cottage you may already have adopted this fab style. But, the best part of coastal style is that it isn’t exclusive to the beach.

You can bring this breezy look into your home anywhere by adding cool blues, striped rugs, white-washed lanterns, vintage cobalt  glass bottles, wicker furniture, clean white sofas, ocean scene paintings, sailboat decor and marine-life pillows.

Check out some of our favorite coastal-style items available in the shop this weekend! Keep scrolling to see our favorite Pinterest inspiration images.

coastal3_1.jpg coastal2_1.jpg coastal1_1.jpg


Pinterest Favs!coastalinspiration.jpg


Gifts for Pops


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Find something great for Dad at Evolution Home this weekend! We are open late tonight until 8pm, so you can squeeze in some last minute shopping. Father’s Day is Sunday – don’t forget to grab something for Dad.

We have the perfect gifts for Dad – unique, vintage items that are way better than the same old tie.

Vintage stamps, vintage barware, vintage camping dishes, prints, paintings, antique binoculars, fountain pens and more. Here are just a few of the gifts you’ll find in this shop this weekend.

dads1_1.jpg dad2_1.jpg dad3_1.jpg

Black & White Home Decor


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Black and white home decor is hot trend right now. Who can disagree? With clean lines and a tidy but luxe feel, it seems to solve almost all design and decorating conundrums (like color matching). It may not be for the faint of heart though, as what might seem like the humblest of colors can actually be quite bold when paired together. We suggest adding a pop of color to a black and white motif – it breaks up the stark contrast. Even something as small as fresh flowers can soften the look.

Another great element about decorating with black and white pieces – its easy to change up your look with just a few accessories. Switch out pillows, artwork, vases, etc and get a new look for each season.

Here are some of our favorite black and white room inspirations – maybe just start with your office or bedroom before you overhaul your whole home. Although, we see how it would be easy to do. Find more black and white inspirations on our Pinterest board!

We have black and white pieces in the shop this week – vintage, antique and new!

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New Summer Hours!


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summerhoursevoSLIDER.jpgWe will be open late Thursdays and Fridays until 8pm June through August! Come visit us during our extended hours. Join us after work or spend your Friday evening shopping our huge selection.

We are the big green building on Richmond Highway! We just put our sign up so you can’t miss us.


Rustic + Glam Inspirations


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We love contrasting combinations that work well together. Like the combination of rustic and glam elements – for example a farm table paired with a stunning chandelier. Or vintage crate full of magazines placed next to a glamorous armchair. Here are a few of our favorite inspiration images that best illustrate this lovely combination!

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All images are from Pinterest.

Dealer Spotlight: Acme Mid-Century Modern


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This week, we are mad for mid century modern furniture and accessories! There is so much to be said for this period in design – clean lines, inventive and practical designs for furniture, daring to be different – the furniture and home decor elements that came out of this era were inspired and interesting. Mid-century modern style has seen a huge comeback in recent years – it can be mixed so well with modern decor and is often of the highest quality.

Today – we are spotlighting one of our very own dealers, Acme Mid-Century Modern. Acme is owned and curated by Pierre Paret, a connoisseur of mid-century modern furnishings. Paret rehabs many of his pieces – reupholstering them in high quality, period-appropriate fabrics.

Acme’s focus is on mid-century and modern furniture, art and accessories. Pierre offers a well-curated selection fit for a first time buyer or a seasoned collector. Find pieces from iconic designers and manufacturers like Charles Eames, Herman Miller, Knoll, and Kofod Larsen. In need of help finding a particular piece of vintage furniture? Pierre will take on the hunt for you. He also offers custom restoration services for pieces in need of a little TLC.

Here are some photos of Pierre’s offerings available at Evolution Home.



Stop in this week and browse our fun & funky collection of mid-century modern home goods!

Perfect Patio Ideas


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With summer swiftly approaching and our gardens going in – we thought it was the perfect time to share some patio inspirations & ideas! You can find all sorts of patio goodies at Evolution Home – from vintage patio furniture sets to lanterns and planters.

Here are a few great decorating ideas for your patio!

1. Modern mixed with vintage. 
We just love the combination of vintage elements like the chippy metal patio chairs & the modern architectural elements. 550a8d359890958300817acde7145035-1


2. Farm tables outside!
This is such a fun look! A six foot farm table outside with colorful vintage metal chairs makes for a whimsical space. Throw in a strand of cafe lights for a cozy & comfortable patio!

3. The shabby chic patio.
With painted wood patio furniture and vintage watering cans, this patio has the perfect mix of feminine charm and light and airy comfort.

4. The European cafe look. 
This simple look begs for a bottle of wine and a great conversation. The vintage table and chairs sitting in the garden is just lovely.

5. The cottage patio.
This patio feels like a family vacation at the Grandparents lake cottage! Complete with cozy wicker and vintage signs, this patio is bright and colorful.

Find more inspirations for your perfect patio on our Pinterest page!

4 Reasons to Go Green with Vintage & Antique


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In celebration of earth week, we thought we’d share some great reasons to buy vintage and antique furniture and accessories in place of new ones! Buying antique and vintage is an earth-friendly practice, as well as a budget friendly one. Here at Evolution Home we fill our store with the highest quality vintage and antique items from dealers and consignors. Buying vintage and antique is a green practice that any family on any budget can start – and its fun too!

Here are four great reasons to go green with vintage & antique:

1. It keeps furniture out of the landfill. 
Purchasing vintage or previously owned furniture keeps it out of the landfill. Many vintage and antique pieces of furniture (as well as accessories!) were built to last – they have years of use in them and if you find a piece that is maybe too worn or looking a little old, you can refresh it with paint or upcycle it! See our blog post from last week about upcycling furniture.

2. Conserves natural resources. 
Buying vintage furniture means no precious natural resources, like trees and petroleum, were used to create it. Well, they were at one point, but you are conserving resources by not purchasing new furniture. Did you know that in one year one acre of trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people? Or that trees provide vital water conservation by shading yards from evaporation and providing atmospheric moisture through transpiring? Save a tree, buy vintage!

3. Reduce Pollution
Do you ever notice that chemical smell when you buy new furniture? That’s from the “off-gassing” of Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. Your vintage purchase will have already off-gassed, thus improving your indoor air quality. You also completely eliminate the pollution created from the manufacturing process of new furniture. Breathe easier with vintage.

4. Reduce your footprint by buying locally.
Buying locally from Evolution Home means the furniture did  not travel long distances in the shipping process – no trains, cargo ships or trucks were used to transport it, so you reduce your overall footprint. Buying locally also has other benefits – like supporting small business owners and putting dollars back into your community.

Here are few great vintage and antiques items available in the shop this week! Get your green on at Evolution Home, open Friday & Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-5!

evohome4.25_2_white.jpg newconsign4.25_1



4 Upcycled Vintage Ideas


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What is upcycling you ask? Recycling a piece of vintage furniture or a vintage element in a better or different way than it was originally used – so creating shelving out of salvaged corbels or making storage out of vintage fruit crates. Keep reading for four of our favorite ides for upcycled vintage!

1. Vintage Crates
Add vintage charm to any space with old fruit crates. You can hang them as shelving, use them for storage on the floor or craft them into tables – the options are endlessly and its just one example of how buying and using antique and vintage pieces is a green practice.
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2. Old Windows
There are SO many clever ways to use vintage windows – one search on Pinterest returns more ideas than you could find windows – chalkboards, message centers, coffee table tops and simple wall art.
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3. Architectural Salvage Pieces
Architectural salvage is as beautiful and interesting as vintage gets in our opinion. There are so many opportunities to create something truly unique out of unwanted salvage, which is more often than not handmade. Two great ideas; hardware for shelving – especially corbels and creating lamp bases out of corbels, legs and more. Other great ideas we’ve seen – bed frames, table pedestals and more.
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4. Painted Furniture
There are many great ways to breathe new life into a vintage piece of furniture, reupholstering, refinishing and restoring. But a great option for furniture that may be beyond restoring is painting. By refreshing a piece with paint, it can turn from drab and dated to fab and celebrated. Seriously, that was an awful rhyme – but it can bring a piece into this decade and make it modern while still maintaining its vintage charm.
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Check out our vintage upcycle board on Pinterest for more creative ideas!