Summer Style | Evolution Home


Jul 13, 2012 0 Comments
With summer in full swing and thoughts of the derecho (hopefully) drifting away, we can focus back on our nests and all the fun summer decorating there is to do. Summer colors are probably one of my favorite parts about summer style. I like using lots of neutral colors like sand and wood and incorporating pops of bright colors like turquoise, yellow and bright green. 

Nature is in its full splendor this time of year, with flowers and veggies at their peaks, they make fantastic decorative pieces. The photo above showcases several pieces from our newest dealer WestBayInteriors. She utilizes lemons and moss in glass containers to show-off summer’s brightest hues. 

Do you have pieces in your home, maybe just decorative, that you switch out for the seasons? I love the glass containers pictured above because you can add a splash of each season with just a small change, like adding cranberries in the winter or squash in the fall, without having to buy new pieces.

What are your favorite seasonal decorating tips? We would love to hear from you!