New Year, New Look! | Evolution Home Consignment & Antiques


Jan 10, 2013 0 Comments
With a new year, comes a new chance to…decorate! We’ve been scouring Pinterest and racking our brains for days searching for the best decorating ideas. We put together this list of amazing ideas that are easy to achieve on any budget. 

1. Combine styles of furniture and accessories like rustic and mid century modern to create a warm and unique space. Use a mid century modern coffee table and a plush chaise loung. Use rustic frames and sleek vases, the contrast creates something very cool.
2. Stack vintage or antique suitcases and use them as a bedside table. 
3. Don’t be afraid to decorate using dark colors. Brighten them up with contrasting light neutral colors and textures.
4. Have a surplus of vintage plates? Arrange them on a wall in an interesting pattern!
5. Go neutral. Decorate in one tone to create a luxe feeling. 
6. Paint it white! Find great pieces of vintage and antique furniture and paint them white to brighten up a space. This is also a great way to give less than perfect pieces new life.

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