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This week on the blog its all about color – how to use it, where to use it, when to use it! Today we are sharing our favorite Pinterest images from each color – just a little inspiration for this snowy day!

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Red – Red can be an intimidating color to use on walls, but these images show us it can be done beautifully. Red is bold, but can still be cozy, warm and not a five-alarm firetruck disaster. Here’s a few fabulous uses of the color red.

Orange – Orange immediately makes us think of mid century modern styles. Maybe because our dealer Acme Mid Century Modern has a fab orange wall in his space, but we think its because it really just goes so well with the minimalist designs. Here’s a few of our favorite orange-walled rooms.

Yellow – Yellow, oh yellow! So bright & sunny! Brings happiness into any space. But can also be calming and warm. We love the spectrum of choices – from mustard to a warm buttery shade – you can pull off so many different looks with a yellow tone. Just a few of our favorite rooms:

Green – Some may think green can look a little dated, but these rooms prove us totally wrong. Emerald, olive, hunter, deep green, dusty green – so many options, so few walls. A deep green can add loads of elegance and drama to a room, here a few of our favorites!

Blue – Forget sadness, these blues are calming & serene – some even bold and dramatic! From cobalt to powder – blues provide a soothing scene for any room from bedrooms to offices.

Purple – Since Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, there is not color trend hotter than purple right now. We love the range of colors we found on Pinterest, dusty and deep, bold and vibrant – every shade under the sun. Check out some of our favorites;

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