Decorating Inspiration for 2013 | Evolution Home Consignment & Antiques


Jan 11, 2013 0 Comments
What inspires your decor? Thinking of starting a new decorating project in 2013? Let us inspire you!

4 Not Too Shabby Inspirations for Your Decor
1. Have a collection of vintage colored pottery? Gather it all in one location for a pop of color. Coordinate that color with a piece of art or a print.

2. Stack vintage suitcases to fill space. Use them as a night stand, a hallway table or just for decor!

3. Replace hardware with vintage or antique hardware. You can find a huge selection of knobs and pulls in the back at Not Too Shabby! It adds character to a room!

4. Pick a bold color for your walls and decorate with white or neutral toned furniture. Use vintage frames to bring a richness to the space!

Shop Not Too Shabby for unique pieces to complete your look. Need more inspiration? Check us out on Pinterest!