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Buying furniture is an investment, especially antique and vintage pieces. Protect that investment with our tips for caring for your furniture.

The ladies at DIY Del Ray sat down with us to chat about the best way to care for wood furniture, silver pieces, upholstered furniture and fine china. Read their post for our tips about how to care for furniture here and check out a sampling of our tips below!

How To Make Your Furniture Last Forever:

  • When you first acquire a piece, especially if it is dingy or dirty (maybe you scored a crazy deal at our sister store Not Too Shabby Consignments or found it in somebody’s curbside diss pile) clean, clean, clean it. The best formula for cleaning furniture is 1/3 linseed oil, 1/3 white vinegar and 1/3 turpentine. Clean, clean, clean with a soft dry cloth. This formula is tried and true and will leave your furniture looking brand new (hey, I rhymed)!
  • Restore furniture that might be nicked, scratched or damaged using a product called Restor-A-Finish (pictured above). You can purchase Restor-A-Finish at our shop, it comes in a variety of finishes to fit your specific needs. Use #0000 super fine steel wool and gently scrub – voila, a refreshed and restored piece!
  • Maintain that furniture you worked so hard to make beautiful again by NOT using products like Pledge or Endust (they can discolor and damage wood). Instead, use a product like The Original Bees Wax, available at our shop, for weekly cleanings. Use it when you dust or clean your house!
For more tips and tricks for cleaning and caring for your furniture, read DIY Del Ray’s Article here!

Happy Cleaning!

Photo Credit: Katie DIY Del Ray