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Lamps & Lighting: Fresh Ideas


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Lamps and lighting can totally change the look and feel of a room. Lamps are also an easy and affordable way to switch up the look in your home if you are wanting a change or something different. We always have a wide variety of styles of lamps available at evolution home, from vintage lamps to modern quality crafted lamps.

We also carry chandeliers, wall sconces and floor lamps. Below we discuss several ways to use lamps in decorating and, we also have photos above of lamps in stock at evolution home and inspirations for how to use them that we pulled from Pinterest!

Here are a few fresh ideas for using lamps:

1. Use lamps to coordinate colors. 
Use the base of the lamp or the shade to incorporate a color scheme or give the room a pop of color. In the Pinterest photos pictured above, we like the chartreuse lamp in a brown and earth toned room as a pop of color and the patterned lamp next to the ikat drapes.

2. Switch up shades to freshen your look.
The gray chevron lamp shade looks so fresh on the vintage milk glass lamp pictured above. You can easily switch out the lamp shades on a neutral lamp to switch your look as often as you want.

3. Use glass or mercury glass lamps to keep a space looking open or place a mirror behind the lamp. 
Using a glass or mercury glass lamp in a corner can keep that corner looking open and light instead of heavy. Also, placing mirrors behind lamps reflects light and keeps a room bright.

4. Lamps outside!
Wouldn’t we all love to have a patio or garden spot with lamps? We love bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out!

5. Lamps on a stack of books or mags.
Sometimes lamps need a little height to properly light a room or wall. Artfully stacking books or magazines is a great way to give lamps height while adding layers and texture to your decor.

6. Drape a lampshade for softer light.
Sometimes the light shed from a lamp can be to bright, draping vintage lace, doilies or scarves over the lamp can soften the light and add a nice romantic, cozy look and feel.

Hopefully you find some inspiration in these ideas for incorporating lamps into your home decor. Half the fun of decorating your home is trying new ideas to see how they work – some do, some don’t. And that’s why we are here! As your resource for great finds for your home.

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Creative Ideas for Vintage Chairs


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chairinspireDecorating with vintage pieces can sometimes be a challenge. You want to incorporate a particular look, but you aren’t sure how to get it. Or you want to use a vintage piece – but you aren’t show how to use it.

We rounded up a few fabulous ideas from Pinterest for how to incorporate vintage chairs into your home. Here are our favorites:

1. Use different colors, sizes & styles of chairs at your dining room table.
We just love this look. It is eclectic but if the chairs are selected properly and with a creative eye, it creates an eye-popping look and an interesting focal point.

2. Reupholstering a piece that looks dated. 
Sometimes what makes a vintage piece look “old” or “outdated” is just the worn out fabric or no-longer-stylish print. Recovering or reupholstering a dated piece in a modern fabric gives it a fresh new look fit for any stylish home. We love a floral or stripe print fabric!

3. Fluffing up your piece with coordinating pillows. 
We have a whole blog post about how pillows can give a room new life, read it here.

4. Using a vintage armchair in an unexpected way. 
Like as a desk chair, or as an accent to to a display of wall art – especially if the colors coordinate.

We hope you found some inspiration from our ideas – for more photos of chairs we have in the store click here and for more inspiration on how to use them in your home, click here.

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5 Great Ideas for Dressers & Armoires


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dresserideas1A popular trend in vintage decor is finding new ways to use furniture. From repurposing pieces to using furniture in creative ways – we are seeing some truly unique and innovative ideas. Armoires and dressers are among the most utilitarian pieces of furniture. They offer storage and tons of options with drawers, doors and more. Here are five creative ways to use dressers and armoires in your home!

1. Use an armoire as an office.
Small spaces are  usually the biggest challenge here in Alexandria – maximizing every inch of space is so important. Transforming an armoire into a concealable office is a great way to get a clean workspace that doesn’t require a whole room.

2. In the bathroom as a vanity or sink. 
We’ve seen this done before and LOVE the idea. It harkens back to the days of wash basins and gives a lovely peronal touch to a bathroom. Not to mention a truly unique way to get a custom look on a budget!

3. A dresser in your closet.
This is an idea that surprised us. Closets can be a messy place and difficult to organize, especially in the older, smaller homes common in Alexandria. Using a dresser in the closet can help utilize some of that extra space. It can also make a smaller room feel larger if you take the closet door off and place the dresser inside.

4. Use a dresser in the kitchen – yes in the kitchen!
We love this innovative idea – using a dresser in a kitchen as an island! By simply adding a marble top and few extra fixtures, you can give a beautiful vintage dresser a new home in an unexpected place.

5. Repurpose a dresser for a new use, like a wine rack. 
With a little elbow grease and some imagination, a dresser can easily be repurposed into a wine rack! What a great way to give an old piece of furniture a new life.

Now, take a look at the fabulous dressers and armoires available in the shop this week! Perfect for all of these ideas!

dressers_arms1We hope we inspired you to try something new with your furniture, share a project or photo with us here:!

We’re Evolving!


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Several months ago we were informed that our home on Mount Vernon Ave in Del Ray was being sold and developed into a Walgreens. With mixed emotions we began looking for a new home for Potomac West Interiors & Antiques and Not Too Shabby Consignments. We are excited to announce that we have FOUND one! The space was a little rough around the edges but we are in the process of transforming it into a rEVOLUTIONary home furnishings and accessories shopping experience. 

While we paint, scrub and clean we will share photos of our new location. Keep your eyes here for announcements about where to find us and when we will be holding our grand opening and goodbye sales at our current space. 

Thank you for being a loyal customer and we cannot wait to show you more!

(check out the photo above the building before & the painters )

Shabby Finds!


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Fun finds at Not Too Shabby this week! From fabulous upholstered chairs to vintage kitchen tables, find all sorts of fun goodies at Not Too Shabby this week. Be sure to check us out on Facebook to see our new inventory items and inspirations!

CeCe Caldwell Paint Demo Saturday 5/18!


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Join us Saturday 5/18 from 11am-12pm for a CeCe Caldwell paint demo! Learn how to use CeCe Caldwell paints for DIY projects. Caldwell’s paints are eco-friendly & non-toxic, super adhesive, self priming, easy to use and come in a wide variety of colors. Jump on the painted furniture trend and learn how to use CeCe Caldwell paints! For more information please email Register here!