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CeCe Caldwell Paint Demo Saturday 5/18!


May 8, 2013 CeCe Caldwell paints, DIY, furniture, vintage 0 Comments
Join us Saturday 5/18 from 11am-12pm for a CeCe Caldwell paint demo! Learn how to use CeCe Caldwell paints for DIY projects. Caldwell’s paints are eco-friendly & non-toxic, super adhesive, self priming, easy to use and come in a wide variety of colors. Jump on the painted furniture trend and learn how to use CeCe Caldwell paints! For more information please email Register here!

Curious About Caring For Your Furniture?


Feb 29, 2012 antique, DIY, DIY Del Ray, furniture, furniture care, Restor-A-Finish, vintage 0 Comments

Buying furniture is an investment, especially antique and vintage pieces. Protect that investment with our tips for caring for your furniture.

The ladies at DIY Del Ray sat down with us to chat about the best way to care for wood furniture, silver pieces, upholstered furniture and fine china. Read their post for our tips about how to care for furniture here and check out a sampling of our tips below!

How To Make Your Furniture Last Forever:

  • When you first acquire a piece, especially if it is dingy or dirty (maybe you scored a crazy deal at our sister store Not Too Shabby Consignments or found it in somebody’s curbside diss pile) clean, clean, clean it. The best formula for cleaning furniture is 1/3 linseed oil, 1/3 white vinegar and 1/3 turpentine. Clean, clean, clean with a soft dry cloth. This formula is tried and true and will leave your furniture looking brand new (hey, I rhymed)!
  • Restore furniture that might be nicked, scratched or damaged using a product called Restor-A-Finish (pictured above). You can purchase Restor-A-Finish at our shop, it comes in a variety of finishes to fit your specific needs. Use #0000 super fine steel wool and gently scrub – voila, a refreshed and restored piece!
  • Maintain that furniture you worked so hard to make beautiful again by NOT using products like Pledge or Endust (they can discolor and damage wood). Instead, use a product like The Original Bees Wax, available at our shop, for weekly cleanings. Use it when you dust or clean your house!
For more tips and tricks for cleaning and caring for your furniture, read DIY Del Ray’s Article here!

Happy Cleaning!

Photo Credit: Katie DIY Del Ray

How Much Is That Chair In The Window?


Sep 12, 2011 fall, furniture, rustic, vintage 0 Comments

With each new season we change the look of our front window, creating a different design and style vignette to reflect the inventory you can find in our store.

We just updated our window for fall and think you will be pretty excited to hear about what’s in it. 

The style of our current window is warm and rustic with pops of color from colored tin art panels and fabulous vintage books. There are two rustic side tables with one drawer and a cabinet – perfect in a living room or bedroom, these tables are priced at $128. The vintage rocking chair has a cane seat and is selling for only $70.

The rustic furniture of this window is accented with some really interesting and unique vintage accessories. There is a vintage Argus C3 camera with leather carrying case and lens – which is functional but also serves as an accessory. Beautifully textured vintage books that when stacked, add a layer of warmth and sophistication. There are also vintage glass bottles that fill and empty space beautifully and give a sense of whimsy. The hand carved wooden box is perfect for holding treasures or displaying on a table top. There are two kneeling Asian figures that look fabulous on a floor or as a statement piece on a shelf. The colored tin panels are made by a local artist and are available in large and small sizes. There is also a vintage stained glass piece in the window, which gives any room that rustic feeling.

We LOVE the look of our new fall window – it is so easy to achieve a warm, rustic look by adding just a few of the pieces we featured above!

If you have any questions or want more information about the items available, give us a call at 703-519-1911!