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Black and white home decor is hot trend right now. Who can disagree? With clean lines and a tidy but luxe feel, it seems to solve almost all design and decorating conundrums (like color matching). It may not be for the faint of heart though, as what might seem like the humblest of colors can actually be quite bold when paired together. We suggest adding a pop of color to a black and white motif – it breaks up the stark contrast. Even something as small as fresh flowers can soften the look.

Another great element about decorating with black and white pieces – its easy to change up your look with just a few accessories. Switch out pillows, artwork, vases, etc and get a new look for each season.

Here are some of our favorite black and white room inspirations – maybe just start with your office or bedroom before you overhaul your whole home. Although, we see how it would be easy to do. Find more black and white inspirations on our Pinterest board!

We have black and white pieces in the shop this week – vintage, antique and new!

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