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Mar 15, 2013 0 Comments

The recent news of the potential sale and redevelopment of the retail space we have occupied for fourteen wonderful years is bittersweet for us here at Potomac West Interiors and Not Too Shabby Consignments.

Our understanding is that the permit for redevelopment of our building is up for approval at City Hall and is being evaluated to determine if a special use permit will need to be issued for the process to continue. We have spoken with our landlord, whom we have had a wonderful relationship with over the years, and we will remain in contact with him throughout this process. While we await the decisions at City Hall to come to fruition, we will continue with business as usual.

We can say with confidence that if our building does sell and we are required to vacate our current retail space, we will remain in business and relocate to a larger building. There is no doubt that the support and patronage of the Del Ray community has been the driving force behind our success over the last fourteen years. While we would be heartbroken to leave the Avenue, if we cannot find the retail space necessary to accommodate our business in Del Ray, we will consider another location. If the sale of the building should not go through and we are permitted to continue our lease here at 1517 and 1515 Mount Vernon Ave, we will happily continue to occupy the space.

This space here at the corner of Monroe and Mount Vernon Avenue has been a wonderful home for us for the last fourteen years and we have so enjoyed serving the Del Ray community, furnishing homes, consigning furniture, seeing our customers and taking part in Del Ray community activities. Our hope is to relocate the business to another space on the Avenue and continue the honor of Del Ray’s patronage.