7 Vintage Gardening Ideas | Evolution Home Consignment & Antiques


Mar 26, 2014 , , , , , , 0 Comments

Okay – its bitter cold, it snowed yesterday. We. Are. Over. It.

So – we have decided to push on, pretend its spring, pick out flowers and share creative ideas for bringing vintage and antique goodies into our gardens. While we may not be running to the local nursery today or tomorrow, we will be in the near future. For us, there is nothing better than adding outdoor space to our living areas each spring and summer. Dinners on the deck, picnics on the patio, evening cocktails relaxed in our outdoor spaces…ahhh, we can almost feel it.

So, in honor of the hopefully sooner than later arriving warmer season, we are going to share seven great ideas for vintage gardens. Vintage gardens, you may ask? What the heck is that? Well, all of these ideas utilize vintage or antique elements – almost always repurposing them – for use as planters, or racks or vegetable gardens!

1. Tea cup herb gardens! Have mismatched teacups? Plant a few herbs – perfect for a windowsill!

2. Vintage spoon vegetable markers! A great use of mismatched flatware.

3. Vintage storage cabinet herb garden. Cute compartments are perfect for small space living!

4. Old springs as pot & planter holders. Such a great idea to add a little whimsy!

5. Vintage windows as hanging planters! This is a super easy look to pull off.

6. An old claw-foot tub as a planter – add a plank of wood and make it a coffee table for your outdoor space!

7. Vintage fruit crates as storage for gardening tools. Forget the ugly sheds – this is an adorable way to store tools!

Want to see more great gardening ideas? Check out our Pinterest board!