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Feb 28, 2014 , , , , , , 0 Comments

This week has been ALL about ART! From paintings to prints we are simply stocked with it this weekend! Here are just a few great pieces of artwork you will find in the store.

evoartwork_1Now, what to do with all of this newfound artwork? We love hanging artwork on the wall, in an earlier blog post we shared some great templates for getting a gallery wall. But, there are so many other creative ways to display artwork! Here are a few exciting ideas:

1. On a table top. Organize artwork thoughtfully on a tabletop with other accessories like vases with a little greenery, stacked books and a tray with trinkets.

2. On a shelf. Place shelving on an empty wall and display artwork on the shelves. Using shelving makes it easy to switch artwork out often without having to put holes your walls! Put a shelf above your bed and add some drama without using a headboard.

3. On the back of a door. Short on wall space? Hang artwork on the back of a door! This is such a creative way to utilize empty space.

4. On a curtain rod. We love this unique idea for displaying artwork, like using shelving it enables you to hang artwork without put lots of holes in your walls and makes its easy to change out artwork.

5. In a shape. Creating a shape with frames adds lots of drama & something interesting to your space. Create a heart, rectangle, or circle using smaller frames.

5. On a gallery wall. We discussed this in more detail earlier this week, but creating a gallery wall is a fun way to display a mix of art, photographs, empty frames, mirrors – anything really! Organize them in an orderly way or let it be a little random!

We hope you found some great ideas for displaying your artwork – we hope to see you in the shop this weekend!