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It’s the holiday season! And that means decking the halls and hanging the stockings and coming up with fun new ways to incorporate vintage items into your decor.

This week, we decided to come up with some fun new ways to use one of the most common vintage items – silver platters and serving pieces. We all have them laying around the house, tucked away in cupboards, never to be used for their intended purpose. Okay – disclaimer: some of us do use them for serving, but for those of us who don’t – this post if for you.

We scoured Pinterest for the best ideas – and oh my did we ever find some clever ones!

1. Repurpose  a vintage silver platter into a holiday sign for hanging! (Note: use vinyl stick-ons if you want something less permanent)

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2. Create a unique holiday wreath with your collection of silver platters. This idea makes the perfect statement piece for a room.
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3. Gather candle votives, small figurines and greens and arrange them on a silver platter – perfect for tabletops and mantles!
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4. Display your holiday greens with your silver pieces! It creates the ultimate chic holiday decor.
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Love what you see? We have LOADS of vintage silver pieces to help you pull off unique holiday decor this year. Come shop with us this weekend – we’re open Fri til 6pm, Sat 10-6 and Sun 11-5!