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6 Creative Ways to Display Art


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This week has been ALL about ART! From paintings to prints we are simply stocked with it this weekend! Here are just a few great pieces of artwork you will find in the store.

evoartwork_1Now, what to do with all of this newfound artwork? We love hanging artwork on the wall, in an earlier blog post we shared some great templates for getting a gallery wall. But, there are so many other creative ways to display artwork! Here are a few exciting ideas:

1. On a table top. Organize artwork thoughtfully on a tabletop with other accessories like vases with a little greenery, stacked books and a tray with trinkets.

2. On a shelf. Place shelving on an empty wall and display artwork on the shelves. Using shelving makes it easy to switch artwork out often without having to put holes your walls! Put a shelf above your bed and add some drama without using a headboard.

3. On the back of a door. Short on wall space? Hang artwork on the back of a door! This is such a creative way to utilize empty space.

4. On a curtain rod. We love this unique idea for displaying artwork, like using shelving it enables you to hang artwork without put lots of holes in your walls and makes its easy to change out artwork.

5. In a shape. Creating a shape with frames adds lots of drama & something interesting to your space. Create a heart, rectangle, or circle using smaller frames.

5. On a gallery wall. We discussed this in more detail earlier this week, but creating a gallery wall is a fun way to display a mix of art, photographs, empty frames, mirrors – anything really! Organize them in an orderly way or let it be a little random!

We hope you found some great ideas for displaying your artwork – we hope to see you in the shop this weekend!

Frame Basics: Hanging Art


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So, how many prints do you have in your home framed, ready to be hung, leaning on a table or wall somewhere? We have a few. The task of hanging artwork on your walls can seem a little daunting, especially when you want a particular look but aren’t sure how to get it. Well, we have found a few great templates to help you plan a gallery wall or creative display.

Later on we’ll share ideas for creative ways to display art in other ways besides the wall, but for now – its all about the wall.

Want a gallery wall look? Use one of these great templates – it also helps to lay the artwork on the floor and play with the layout. Move pieces around until you find a layout that you like, keep in mind it does not have to be uniform, it can be random just keep an eye out for what looks good together.


These templates are great because they give you dimensions – so if you are still trying to figure out how to frame your artwork, you can use one of these templates to help you select your frames.

In the store this week we have a great selection of vintage artwork, prints and original pieces of art. Find something that fits in with your style this week! Stay tuned for our email newsletter this week, we’ll be sharing ideas for creative and unique ways to display art!

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Inspiration: Wall Art We Love


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This week we are going to spend some time chatting about artwork – how to hang it, what we love, where and how to display it and how to create a wall art piece out of unexpected materials.

Today’s post is all about inspiration! We have started a fab Pinterest board that we will fill over the course of the week with tons of amazing ideas. Click here to see it – pin your ideas and share them with us!

All of the images above we found something unique in that struck a chord with us. We love the mantel with small prints & frames, it builds texture and an impact while creating a truly unique display.

What kind of art do you display in your home? Where do you find inspiration? What is your favorite way to hang art?

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Thinking Spring: Looks + Ideas


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springevo1We are ready for spring! It has been a long, cold, snowy winter and we cannot help but start dreaming of spring. Especially with the warmer weather we have been experiencing the past couple of days! It is a welcome treat, for sure!

Naturally thoughts of spring get us thinking about how to decorate our homes for the season. Spring is a great time to bring in pops of color, fresh blooms, new furniture, lighter drapes & curtains – there are so many ideas. We’ll list a few for you below and be sure to check out our Pinterest board for lots more ideas!

Pops of Color
Bright pillows, new drapes – this is the time of year to add some fresh colors to your home. Yellows, greens, pinks, purples, blues – all colors the colors of the season and they look fabulous. Especially when the trees start to blossom again, throw the windows open and let the season brighten up your home. Vintage glassware like the ones pictured above are a great way to add color to a room, line them up along a mantel or window.

Decorate with Blooms
We have to wait a little longer before nature begins to give us a colorful show of blossoms & blooms – but artificial ones can do the trick for now. Let’s say you add a bright yellow pillow or throw to your sofa – make a big impact by sticking some yellow daffodils in a pretty glass vase on your coffee table – the coordinating hues will bring a lovely dynamic to your room. The turquoise vase pictured above would look lovely with a bloom in it, and the peacock tray could really tie the look together.

Rustic & Shabby Looks
Something about spring seems so right for the shabbier & rustic pieces. A chippy-paint door with chalkboard paint seems so fitting for the season. Find one in our store this week!

Modern & Clean Lines
You know we are fans of mixing textures and styles – layering shabby pieces with clean modern pieces makes a room look interesting. Try a mid century modern chair at a vintage desk with chippy paint, the two styles coordinate quite well.

Check out our Pinterest board for more great spring decor ideas! As always, we love to see our decor in action in your home – share a photo of your favorite spot in your home with us,!


Vintage Vanities!


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vintagevanitiespins vintagevanities_1What’s better than having a dedicated space to get ready for your day?

Vintage vanities are the perfect place to keep your toiletries, jewelry, watches, colognes and cuff links. Sometimes when you think vanity, you think pink perfume bottles and powder puffs, but they can be so much more. Vanities are great for men and women, above we shared a few images of vanities we found on Pinterest in a variety of styles – from mid century modern to shabby chic.

Have a small space? No where to put a vanity? Have no fear – there are many small space vanity ideas – putting one inside a closet or using a smaller table & hanging the mirror on a wall.

Do you use a vanity? Share a photos with us on our Facebook page! We’d love to see it!

We will be open all three days this long weekend – Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-5 and Monday 10-6, so stop in and take advantage of the extra day to shop!


Lamps & Lighting: Fresh Ideas


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Lamps and lighting can totally change the look and feel of a room. Lamps are also an easy and affordable way to switch up the look in your home if you are wanting a change or something different. We always have a wide variety of styles of lamps available at evolution home, from vintage lamps to modern quality crafted lamps.

We also carry chandeliers, wall sconces and floor lamps. Below we discuss several ways to use lamps in decorating and, we also have photos above of lamps in stock at evolution home and inspirations for how to use them that we pulled from Pinterest!

Here are a few fresh ideas for using lamps:

1. Use lamps to coordinate colors. 
Use the base of the lamp or the shade to incorporate a color scheme or give the room a pop of color. In the Pinterest photos pictured above, we like the chartreuse lamp in a brown and earth toned room as a pop of color and the patterned lamp next to the ikat drapes.

2. Switch up shades to freshen your look.
The gray chevron lamp shade looks so fresh on the vintage milk glass lamp pictured above. You can easily switch out the lamp shades on a neutral lamp to switch your look as often as you want.

3. Use glass or mercury glass lamps to keep a space looking open or place a mirror behind the lamp. 
Using a glass or mercury glass lamp in a corner can keep that corner looking open and light instead of heavy. Also, placing mirrors behind lamps reflects light and keeps a room bright.

4. Lamps outside!
Wouldn’t we all love to have a patio or garden spot with lamps? We love bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out!

5. Lamps on a stack of books or mags.
Sometimes lamps need a little height to properly light a room or wall. Artfully stacking books or magazines is a great way to give lamps height while adding layers and texture to your decor.

6. Drape a lampshade for softer light.
Sometimes the light shed from a lamp can be to bright, draping vintage lace, doilies or scarves over the lamp can soften the light and add a nice romantic, cozy look and feel.

Hopefully you find some inspiration in these ideas for incorporating lamps into your home decor. Half the fun of decorating your home is trying new ideas to see how they work – some do, some don’t. And that’s why we are here! As your resource for great finds for your home.

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