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Creative Ideas for Vintage Chairs


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chairinspireDecorating with vintage pieces can sometimes be a challenge. You want to incorporate a particular look, but you aren’t sure how to get it. Or you want to use a vintage piece – but you aren’t show how to use it.

We rounded up a few fabulous ideas from Pinterest for how to incorporate vintage chairs into your home. Here are our favorites:

1. Use different colors, sizes & styles of chairs at your dining room table.
We just love this look. It is eclectic but if the chairs are selected properly and with a creative eye, it creates an eye-popping look and an interesting focal point.

2. Reupholstering a piece that looks dated. 
Sometimes what makes a vintage piece look “old” or “outdated” is just the worn out fabric or no-longer-stylish print. Recovering or reupholstering a dated piece in a modern fabric gives it a fresh new look fit for any stylish home. We love a floral or stripe print fabric!

3. Fluffing up your piece with coordinating pillows. 
We have a whole blog post about how pillows can give a room new life, read it here.

4. Using a vintage armchair in an unexpected way. 
Like as a desk chair, or as an accent to to a display of wall art – especially if the colors coordinate.

We hope you found some inspiration from our ideas – for more photos of chairs we have in the store click here and for more inspiration on how to use them in your home, click here.

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5 Great Ideas for Dressers & Armoires


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dresserideas1A popular trend in vintage decor is finding new ways to use furniture. From repurposing pieces to using furniture in creative ways – we are seeing some truly unique and innovative ideas. Armoires and dressers are among the most utilitarian pieces of furniture. They offer storage and tons of options with drawers, doors and more. Here are five creative ways to use dressers and armoires in your home!

1. Use an armoire as an office.
Small spaces are  usually the biggest challenge here in Alexandria – maximizing every inch of space is so important. Transforming an armoire into a concealable office is a great way to get a clean workspace that doesn’t require a whole room.

2. In the bathroom as a vanity or sink. 
We’ve seen this done before and LOVE the idea. It harkens back to the days of wash basins and gives a lovely peronal touch to a bathroom. Not to mention a truly unique way to get a custom look on a budget!

3. A dresser in your closet.
This is an idea that surprised us. Closets can be a messy place and difficult to organize, especially in the older, smaller homes common in Alexandria. Using a dresser in the closet can help utilize some of that extra space. It can also make a smaller room feel larger if you take the closet door off and place the dresser inside.

4. Use a dresser in the kitchen – yes in the kitchen!
We love this innovative idea – using a dresser in a kitchen as an island! By simply adding a marble top and few extra fixtures, you can give a beautiful vintage dresser a new home in an unexpected place.

5. Repurpose a dresser for a new use, like a wine rack. 
With a little elbow grease and some imagination, a dresser can easily be repurposed into a wine rack! What a great way to give an old piece of furniture a new life.

Now, take a look at the fabulous dressers and armoires available in the shop this week! Perfect for all of these ideas!

dressers_arms1We hope we inspired you to try something new with your furniture, share a project or photo with us here:!

3 Ideas for Decorating with Pillows


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Pillows are an inexpensive and easy way to change the look and feel of a room. We have a fabulous dealer who sells amazing custom designed and handmade pillows, when you are in the shop next time be sure to browse his selection. We wanted to share with you three easy ways to decorate with pillows – try them this weekend!

1. Add Color to a Neutral Room
If you have a neutral sofa and neutral painted walls adding a bunch of color coordinated pillows can totally change your space. By bringing color into the room using pillows and small accessories, it gives you the option to easily change your color scheme and look. We recommend using several shades of one or two colors, like the orange and pink pillows on the beige sofa above.

2. Coordinate Existing Pieces
Pictured above is a bright yellow bedside table and on the bed are two bright yellow pillows, one a pattern and one a solid. Pillows can really help you pull together color elements in a room and create a cohesive look.

3. Fill Empty Space with Pillows
Sometimes you might find an blank space in a room, not big enough for a piece of furniture but big enough that it feels empty. Stacked pillows are a great way to fill that space, you’ll see pictured above pillows stacked next to a fireplace. It warms up the space and gives it a nice texture.

These are just three easy ideas to get you inspired to decorate with pillows. For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board. As always, we welcome you ideas in action – if you have a spot in your home you’ve decorated with pillows, we’d love to see it! Email it to us at

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On Trend: Mixing Metals


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Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold and copper and bronze and brass! Mixing metals is a hot trend in home decor right now. Above are several great examples of mixing metal furniture and accessories we found on Pinterest. Switching out a few small accessories can make a big impact – but you can also make a state mixing larger pieces, like metal chairs and a wood dining table.

We love the idea of gold and brass frames mixed with small silver accessories for a little change. Or a chic gold vase inside an industrial steel basket. Mixing metals keeps things interesting!

Mixing metals adds a richness to your interior. We love that the “matchy-matchy” trends of yore are out the window. It is so much more exciting to see many different textures and layers in home decor. Metals can also be mixed with other non-metal accessories – like wood and linen. For example, metal dining chairs and a wood dining table or a rich wood dresser with a gold mirror, a silver tray and copper candlesticks.

We hope you are feeling inspired to try something new with your home decor. Shop Evolution Home for great deals on chic pieces! Check even more inspiring ideas on our Pinterest board!

3 Vintage Interior Trends for 2014


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After scouring the internet for the hottest interior design trends of 2014 – we found some surprising vintage items made the list.

1. Decorating with copper. Copper has become the newest chic metallic for this season. Good thing you’ll find gorgeous, well-made vintage pieces in our shop. Check out the photos above for inspiration on how to use it.
2. Honey-toned woods. Mid century modern designers embraced the honey-toned woods in many ways, like the beautiful dining table pictured above. Stop in our shop and find fabulous pieces from our dealer Acme Mid-Century Modern.
3. Hanging Macrame! A total retro look – DIY macrame has made a huge comeback. Vintage pieces look fabulous as well as new ones, like the fresh macrame curtain pictured above.

Will you go for these trends in 2014? Share a photo with us and we’ll post it on our Facebook page,

How To Consign With Us


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At Evolution Home we offer our customers the unique opportunity to not only find great pieces of antique, vintage and modern furniture – but to consign their previously owned pieces as well. Remember that all items submitted for consignment are subject to consideration by our staff and may not be accepted – they know what sells in our store and will be honest with you about whether or not your piece will sell.

How to Consign With Evolution Home

1. Are the pieces you wish to consign large or small?

a. If they are small, give us a call at 703-519-3555 and schedule an appointment to bring them in, you can consign a maximum of 15 items at one time. We accept appointments Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm. To help expedite the process, please bring in your completed consignment agreement, along with a detailed list of the items that you wish you consign.
b. If they are large, move to the next step.

2. Take photos of your items.

a. Make sure you take a photo in good light. Take photos at several different angles and be sure to take photos of any damage, knicks, scrapes, stains, tears, chipping paint or any other “imperfections”.

3. Visit our website and download our consignment agreement.

a. This agreement details our policies and procedures. It also provides a place for you to list the items you wish to consign. We can accept a maximum or 15 items at one time.
b. Fill out the consignment agreement.

4. Email us your photographs.

a. Send us an email at with your name, the best phone number to contact you at and your mailing address. List in the email the pieces you wish to consign and include your photos as attachments.
b. We receive a large volume of consignment requests and we cannot always respond to your request immediately but will get back to you as soon as possible.

5. Schedule your appointment.

a. Once you hear back from us regarding your pieces, schedule your appointment to bring them in. All of your items must be clean and free of dust and in good working condition.
b. We accept appointments Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-5pm.
c. Please bring with your items our completed consignment agreement along with a detailed list of the items you are consigning.

6. Your Appointment.

a. Be sure to arrive on time, our schedule is typically quite busy and in order to make sure you have the best experience, we’d like to spend your allotted time with you.
b. When you leave Evolution Home you will receive a countersigned agreement and once your items are processed into our system (may take up to two weeks due to volume) you will receive a confirmation of all items accepted via US Mail.
c. You will receive a consignor number and all of of your consigned items will receive a stock number, this will be included in your item acceptance confirmation.
d. It is VERY important that you remember your forfeit date, 90 days from the date of processing, your items will become property of Evolution Home if you do not pick them up by then!

7. Sale & Pick-Up

a. Please see the consignment agreement for information regarding the discount schedule of your items.
b. Remember your forfeit date – call to check on your items and if some haven’t sold, we’ll have them ready for you to pick up! Give us 48 hours to gather them together.

We strive to make consigning with us an easy, stress-free process – following our best practices definitely make it easier on you and us! If you have any questions, we are always happy to help – give us a call at 703-519-3555 or 703-519-1911.

Happy Consigning!